Career Profile

Hi, I’m Ray. I’m a creative from the Scottish Highlands with a righteous jones for making music. I’ve been creating things for as long as I can remember. It’s just what I do. It didn’t occur to me, until more recently, that folks might pay me to create things. Since then I’ve been writing music for kids audiobooks, apps, educational programs and such like, I even do the odd love song from time to time. And some folks started using my music in tellybox shows and commercials, how cool is that? Anyways, I threw together this here creative portfolio so y’all can get acquainted with my work and perhaps one day you might wanna hire me to create something for yourself.

Music for TV & Film

My music is on the Tellybox

Pacific Wonderland

Promo Video
RIGHTUP Inc. / The North Face Japan
Track: Nowhere Know Where


TV Show
Episode 4454 (2016)
Lime Pictures
Track: Won't You Sleep

10 Things To Know About...

TV Show
Series 1 Episode 3 (2016)
New Decade TV & Film
Track: Never Stop

Faster!, Internet As Fast As Your Life

Hey Advertising / Northland Communications
Track: Troia

The Science Squad

TV Show
Series 3 Episode 4 (2014)
New Decade TV & Film
Track: Chew Chew

Celia & Chloe

Web Series
Episode 1 (2009)
Coast / J+MediCare / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Track: Smokin’ Whiskey


Short Film
Erika Errante
Track: Bad Connection / Fire in the Basement

Trailer Trash

Promo Video
Creme Skateboards
Track: Baby You've No Eyes, Roasted Underbelly and Lizards on the Back Porch


I create Music


I create Music Videos

Track: Wastin' Some Time
Artist: El Jugador

Track: Sasquatch
Artist: The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse


Gaelic Song Of The Year

BBC Alba / Rapal Tbh

My song, Seas Air Do Chorra-Bhiod, was awarded Gaelic Song of the Year by BBC Alba’s Rapal Tbh television show. It was my first attempt at writing a song in Gaelic.

Best 2D Animation

University of the West of Scotland / Toon Boom Animation

My rotoscoped short, The Box, was awarded Best 2D Animation by the University of the West of Scotland and Toon Boom Animation.